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Being worked up [started July 2011]...Watch these spaces, some way to go......!

*Am trying to keep text to minimum with the eventual intention of preparing a follow up synopsis that charts the course/reasons + 'why fors' for each project.

**Some [only a few] images appear 'out of focus' + I have no idea why, but all become clear if selected/clicked on - ? the wonders + limitations of 'free software/web mechanics'!'

26th February 2012 update it being the day after my 70th milestone 80!!!! < Ye gods can that be really possible???? Actually feel 70 coming on 29! As have been spouting much the same dictums/dictats/epistles with little change since then..........if only I could find a way to get things to change.........I'll never stop trying!!

September 2020 Update > Website has now been converted from Google Classic Sites to Google New Sites, most content is much the same, though has ben re-vamped to suit new format. Still plenty to come as + when!


Various projects built + unbuilt >>

Single storey rear extension + alterations, Half Moon House, Brook House Road, Cotton

for Graham + Louise Wilson [1020] 2009

*A rider > Daft aluminium window company put the roof feature on wrong way round, opening lights should have been to North side + fixed lights to South, client 'accepted' on site without reference to me....QED!


Roof feature detail - side that should have been facing boundary

Roof feature detail - side that should have faced the garden

Severance plot for 1No dwelling, Hawks Mill St, Needham Market [1012 - unbuilt/aborted] 2008

*Rider > Fell out with client about 'desired' changes' just before submission!! Alternative 'box' approved...not yet who knows....? Client died earlier in 2019 property now sold [circa July/Aug 2019] so is now 'lost'!!

Was to have been Larch clad timber framed, highly insulated with air source heating + First floor Living Room [Garage form to retain/respect privacy of adjoining house]

Park Farm, Dandy Corner, Cotton - Redundant farmyard + buildings re-use/conversion to create 2No dwellings. for Ivan + Sue Lockett/Craig + Stef Sida [955/1013/1014] 2005-2009

First comprehensive scheme fell foul of 'local planning gestapo', Second 'safe/grey negotiated' scheme to get approval for clients was eventually approved + I resigned as designer, my position being totally compromised. Scheme taken on 'by others' leading to even further changes that have, in my opinion, not been for the best.

*Rider > Rear 'Clay Barn' completed, re-detailed/re-named, front barn nearing completion also re-detailed!

First scheme [withdrawn]

Second Scheme [approved]

Driving Range + 9 Hole Course, Stowmarket Golf Centre [adjacent to + associated with Stowmarket Golf Club]

for Duncan Burl, Stowmarket Professional [935] 2005-2007

*Rider > Designed when I was SGC member, resigned membership June 2012 on point of 'principal' with SGC not with Duncan Burl the ex pro, then became a member at Fynn Valley Golf Club! < No longer a member anywhere as need a buggy to get round now [knee/general joint problems] + cannot justify membership as do not play enough. *Keen to play as + when, have always played in annual Rotary + Stowmarket Lions days at Stowmarket.

Replacement Porch, conversion of Small Barn + detached Cart Lodge,

Bridge Farm, Valley Lane, Great Finborough for Tony + Diana Prior [909] 2005-2008

Farmhouse - before

Farmhouse - before

New Porch

Porch oak framed glazed corner detail

Farmhouse - after

Farmhouse after

Small Barn - before

Small Barn - After

Small Barn - After

Detached Cart Lodge

New Offices + Workshops, Lion Barn Estate, Needham Market

for Ayala . Abbott + Butters Ltd [520] 1989-90

Original design approved by clients + planners, then clients decided to change roof/cladding/fenestration from red/blue/black [endeavouring to put the 'barn' back into Lion Barn!] to grey+yellow/grey/yellow?! I immediately resigned as the designer but had to ask planners to OK the changes on behalf of clients, which they accepted as a minor changes to that approved!?.......'planning'??.......QED!

Original approved design

Original approved design - *Putting the 'barn' back into Lion Barn!

Amended design, approved by planning gestapo - as built

*Look-a-like' Cladding manufacturers brochure..?! Yuck!

Grey + yellow looks cheap + tacky!

Proposed 1No dwelling in plot adjacent to Green End House, Gipping Road, Stowupland

for Roy Hammacott [1011] 2008

I did First Floor extension over Garage to Green End House in 1982, MK1 design [axonometric sketch] for dwelling refused + planning appeal unsuccessful - lesser MK2 design approved but not built.

Change of use GRP Workshop to Bridal wear business [brides@hotbobbins] + conversion of ex Bridal wear building to residential [Barn Poonsook] at Somersham Road, Little Blakenham

for Guy + Kanha Martin [978/1001] 2006-2008

Before After

Frontage alterations, 7+9 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich

for Crawleys Garage [154] 1978



Loading Facility, Paper Mill Lane, Bramford

for Fisons > that became Levington Horticulture PLC [635] 1994

Considerable number of jobs gone for Fisons/Levington Horticulture then Scotts before site was closed by Scotts > Including many minor alteration projects, major re-cladding in brown coated sheeting that replaced the majority of extensive asbestos cladding, plus a couple of quite large schemes [an even bigger Covered Loading/Offloading facility + a new Entrance Gatehouse/Security building, that unfortunately did not get beyond sketch scheme stage

*Major site fire June 3rd - Easter Monday [after a number of minor fires] on what has become a derelict site. Majority of Main Warehouse almost totally destroyed with 'Loading Facility' remaining almost intact, but can see this being demolished, even if North Warehouse does get to be re-built, as application now in to demolish 'all' remaining buildings/structures South of the Main Warehouse!? No sign yet of start on long time approved mixed residential/retail development?!

Fire damage so extensive that buildings have been raised to the ground, including the Loading bay that had mainly survived the fire!!

Alterations to form annex to existing shop, 48-50 High Street, Needham Market

for Stannards [Stowmarket] Limited [746] 1999

Detached house, 'Bent Ridge', High Road, Brightwell

for Les + Marta Fitchett [868] 2003-2005

*Note from Axonometric sketch that 'Entrance roof slot was not carried out as intended + Garage as shown fell foul of 'planning' whereby they OK'd the 35m radius house without a problem!! + then chose to play silly whatsits over the Garage claiming that it was too high? + I lost the appeal against this - where I went for costs believing had to win! Unfortunately drew a status quo inspector + the rubbish that I eventually got approval for has to be seen to be believed [can't even bear to photograph]........'planning'!!?!

*Aug 2011 Update > Clients wanted to extend far end to make Living area into a formal Dining area, with extension being a new Living area. Original planning gestapo personnel unchanged from first very difficult detailed application process over 4 years ago who, when asked, merely said 'no way'!?! Clients are not prepared to face the hassle so the 'control freaks' win yet again.......'planning'!!?!

First Floor front extension + alterations, 35 Ipswich Road, Stowmarket

for Scott + Jo Cobbold [842] 2002.



4No Single storey dwellings with integral garages, Orchard Gate, Sproughton

for McCormack Greig + Co Ltd [120] 1976

Detached single storey house with triple detached garage, Barking

for Les + Marta Fitchett [397] 1983?.

Frontage wall continuing wall of Garage - pity about the oil tank!!?

Detached house [1st Floor Living with integral double garage], Vermont Crescent, Ipswich

for McCormack Greig + Co Ltd > purchasers Jack + Jane Carasso [Designed when at Leggett Miller Partnership/built + completed after started on my own] 1975-1976.

Plot 3 Plot 4 Plots 3,2+1

4No detached houses, Monks Gate, Sproughton

for McCormack Greig + Co Ltd [Designed when with John Leggett] 1973-1975

Plot 1 - For Paul + Penny Butters [Only one that I had a design brief from. Paul + Penny who were then living nearby in Church Crescent + there was a brick shortage at that time in 73, hence the render!

Plot 2 - Original then as subsequently altered for purchasers.

Plot 3

Plot 4

View of all 4, or 3 + a bit of 4, from High Street

Plot 2

Plot 3

Brief re-visit > October 2019

Plo1 1

Plot 4

View in from High Street

Alterations to rear of 33 Hawks Mill Street, Needham Market

for Tim + Pauline Walton [533] 1990.



Barn conversion to form Studio accommodation, to rear of 105 High Street, Needham Market

for Smart Graphics [564] 1990-1991



Conversion/Alterations + extension to ex farmhouse to create Office suite, Willisham Hall, Willisham

for Sentry Farming PLC [644] 1994-1995

Covered Entranceway + frontage paving, 9 Brinkley Way, Felixstowe

for Tom + Marion Scolding [584]1991

Conversion of 2No cottages [Poultry Farm Cottages] into 1No dwelling > Black Barn Cottage, Nettlestead

*First 'Bellay' home in Suffolk for Pat + Mother, altered/extended in 1980 to accommodate Mother in front section with Pat, Ann + Emma [+ Matthew in 1982] in the new rear section. Sold in 1987 [5 Bedrooms/2 Kitchens/2 Dining Rooms/2 Living Rooms/Utility Room/2 staircases, one straight + one spiral/2 Bathrooms/Cloaks + Barn for 3 cars/half an acre o/a including a building plot for 1No detached dwelling] when Mother moved to Buckinghamshire + 'the Bellay 4' moved to 4 Crown Paddock, Needham Market.

As first seen in January 1969! [My good old Morris Oxford]! Below is front elevation as in the Spring of 1970.

Gable end is 1980 with rear extension showing to the left. Also put a front Porch on then.

Below is end elevation of rear extension + part side elevation of rear extension, all part of the 1980 scheme.

4 Crown Paddock, Needham Market

One of five detached Houses,each with integral garage [342] 1986-1987

Last house to be built of 13 > Sparrows Yard [4] 1984, Burls Yard [4] 1985 + Crown Paddock [5] 1986

Interesting ['perhaps'??] link > within Matt Wood's 'Ruralise website' is a piece on my houses here in Needham Market [Sparrows Yard/Burls Yard/Crown Paddock].

Conversion of 'Mousetrap Factory' fronting School Street, Needham Market, to form self contained rear Annex to 17 High Street [1987] including new external stairs, subsequently became a stand alone School Street residence [2000] + named 'Trap Makers Cottage' - single storey extension added [2004]

for Malcom Stewart [440/440/884] 1987-1988/2000/2003-2004

Original conversion Later single storey extension

Modernisation of PO/Shop + Flat over, 245 Norwich Road, Ipswich - *One of my very first jobs in Ipswich after joining John Leggett in 1968!!

for Herbert + Monica Golding

*That is 'very roughly' them in the foreground, also with an 'XJ' Jaguar that had just come out [hasten to add they did not 'unfortunately' get/afford one]! In those days I did set up proper projected up perspectives + did quite a few in those early years, but then found axonometrics so much quicker + easier - never did a proper set up perspective after late 60's. The building is still much the same today, though very unfortunately the fascia is now painted red, whereas was white [white architectural solignum no less]. 'Architectural Solignum', I believe, that I introduced to the area being a fan/user of, usually black - but white here on BC pine < no less, before moving to Suffolk?! The boxed out fascia detail carried warm air heating ducting for First Floor flat.

Alterations + rear extension, 239 Valley Road, Ipswich

for Ray + Margaret Condon [565] 1990-1991

Alterations to semi-det House + new detached double Garage, 8 Glebe Close, Bredfield

for Rob + Suzanne Blackwell [807] 2000-2001

Before After

New detached House with integral double Garage, Cedars Reach, Barretts Lane, Needham Market

for Chris + Susan Francis [732]1997-1998

'Goal posts'??

Taking form!

GF Dining/Kitchen looking up to 1st Floor Living area

1st Floor Living area looking down

Site layout plan

Axonometric Sketch

Main gable looking out across fields

10No self contained 2 Bedroomed Flats, Cemetery Road, Ipswich

for L. J. Brown [Builders] Ltd [390]

*Pity about lousy meter boxes; together with multitude of aerials; lack of landscaping; poor workmanship generally, + paint being thrown at gable end that was never cleaned off.

*Fibreglass triangular bay window details were formed up by Geoff King +Brian Driver [Harry Kings Boatyard, Pin Mill]......we had ideas of designing/ producing preformed Bathrooms/Wet Rooms but they remained as 'ideas'?!

Rear extension + alterations, Primrose Cottage, Forward Green

for Ian + Barbara Gallagher [497] 1988-1989

*Steps up + pair of doors were not my design

Change of Use from residential to Veterinary Practice accommodation [Shop/office] with new build linked extension [Consulting Rooms]

for Vet M Webster, Esq

Alterations/refacing to existing House + Triple Car Port new build, Oaklands, Flordon Road,

Creeting St Mary

for Simon + Susan Staines [701] 1996-1997

Before + During

Triple Car Port

Alterations/modernisation, Cottage to rear of 44 High Street, Needham Market

for Peter Breitsprecher [861]



Linked new build extension, Ringshall Hall Farm, Ringshall

for Paul + Margaret Dahl [466].

Courtyard Screen, The Pightle, Needham Market

for Peter Labton - right side of yard + Miss C Cooke - left side of yard [506] 198



Change of Use to residential + Conversion to create 6No dwellings, Fox Maltings, Needham Market

for Peter Brietsprecher [688]



Single storey rear extension, Willow House, Park Road, Combs

for Andrew + Sandra Patton [908] I also designed the original house.

Pro's Shop with Clubhouse beyond - originally meant as temporary, pending new build, but new build never happened.

Chicken shed to Pro's Shop with Clubhouse beyond

The 'Big Picture' > Main house, with curved extension to become Hotel, Outbuildings to become Holiday lets + ancillary Golf Course facilities, 'Tower' ruin the only remains of enormous original house to become end of curved 2 storey new build Museum + Conference Centre. No support from 'planning', equalled no finance equalled 'end of'! Course/Club eventually sold on as going concern.

Costessey Park Golf Course + Golf Club, Old Costessey, Norwich

for Colin House [569] 1990

2 storey end extension, Meadowside, 1 Cobbold Close, Battisford

for Peter + Alison Knights [833] 2...


New detached single storey House with integral double Garage,

'Elderfield', Jacks Green, Creeting St Mary

for George + Peggy Peck [703] 1996-1997

Frontage view

View from Garden

Conversion into 3No self contained Living units, Clock Tower Building,

Stratford Hills Farm, Stratford St Mary

for Lockett Farms [929] 2005-2006

*Number of changes were made, some I agreed with others I did not, in the end never saw completed....

Alterations + improvements Ivy Cottage [Fred Webbs old cottage], Pin Mill Road, Pin Mill

for Tim + Sue Grove [741] 1998

The Street, Bredfield for Mary Vasquez [815] 2002-2004

Difficult overall situation with Planning/Neighbours problems, leading to various applications + appeals [that shown is MK4 which formed the basis of that finally approved + then built], unfortunately the 'problems' continued/multiplied with many changes/compromises - contractural problems too. 'Actual' final result not viewed! *Have met new owners who borrowed file on the job + when returned it bought a painting!!

Axonometric Sketch

Site plan

Alterations, extensions [Kitchen/Conservatory 1 + Conservatory 2],

with new build Car Ports/Caravan Port, Buces Farm, Mendlesham

for Les Jarrett of 'Jarretts' [772] -2004

*Kitchen extension + gable Conservatory approved, only Kitchen extension completed. Gable Conservatory not built. Conservtaorty 2 was part of proposed new indoor swimming pool conversion of existing Garage/Store, that being replaced by new Car Ports etc. This scheme part of an overall 'Grand Scheme' for whole farm. Farmhouse has been sold off as a separate entity, along with adjacent barns - actual farm usage/future etc unknown.

Detached House with detached double Garage, adjacent to 'Toppings',

Jacks Green Road, Creeting St Mary

for Trevor + Tanya James [796] 2000

*Too many changes + detail exclusions during build, end result not viewed.

Axonometric Sketch

Fairly recent design project for self! Needing new table coasters/place mats + not being able to find anything suitable, had a word with Zelda at Viking Stained Glass here in Needham Market as have seen + bought her glass jewellery before + seen some of her coasters, though she had not tried place mats. After talking about with her I decided to come up with a design + we both thought this would work - she made me 1No 100x100 coaster as a trial/sample. this came out very well so decided to go for it + the resulting 8No coasters + mats are now in use!?