Three attempts in Needham Market to set up as an Artist + >

2No 'pats's pop up Art Gallery' efforts + 1No Studio/Gallery *Now just Studio >>

First > 77 High Street - 8th Dec 2013 to 5th January 2014.

Second > 119 High Street - 13th July 2014 to 27th January 2018

Third > BellayArt Studio [Started as Studio/Gallery] + CURRENTLY ACTIVE!!

Corner of School Street + The Causeway looking back toward High Street + Old Town Hall, where my office was from 1982-2009 [office door in second picture with new Studio/Gallery in background!

Did try a hanging sign when first opened here but it 'rotated' at an alarming rate destroying the sign. The wall mounted sign was a interim measure now removed.

Triangular glass 'view in' slot inserted in door, now with A3 sign from Wall sign fixed to Entrance door - see below.

New A board - same as gable sign,

with added info taped on that can be changed as + when, as required

New signage put up w/e 30th November 2019

Gable sign 'fixed' to existing hanging sign bracket, with part of removed

Wall sign fixed at low level on gable pier

Current signage alteration wef 25th January 2020

Studio/Gallery to 'Studio' + only open ad hoc or by appointment.

*Should interest increase, warrenting opening more regularly, can

revert back to Studio/Gallery with more regular opening times.

STUDIO will be OPEN > 10am till 4pm Saturdays > 5th, 12th + 19th December.

COVID precautions apply > Only 2 people or 1 famil;y group in at a time -*Please use hand sanitiser on entry!

Smaller than previous pop up's but have room to paint/use as studio + feature others too [as below], though not as much/as many. Present visits are few + far between hopefully 'will be found' by more soon..

NOW! The Causeway [behind the Old Town Hall - corner of The Causeway + School Street]

Studio/Gallery 13th October 2018 to 25th January 2020 open every Saturday from 10am till 4pm, from then till now Studio open ad hoc or by appointment..

Featuring > Matt Baldwin - Furniture Designer

Geoffery Barker - Artist

Matthew Bellay - Artist

Pat Bellay - Artist

Oonagh Gleeson - Artist

Sue Newing - Artist + Potter

Chris Jones - Photographic Artist

Mick Spencer - Digital Photographer

Dan Newton - Framing + mounts etc

Cards; prints; photos; paintings - unframed + framed - large + small, plus one off ceramic + design items

February 2020 update >

Have artwork up on show + for sale now in 'Khloris' Florists + in 'The Angel' Cafe + Bistro, High Street, Needham Market. 4No pieces in each as chosen from all works in the Studio by Sophie - Khloris/Marc + Hannah - The Angel.

May 2020 update >

Lockdown continues, so though modification of 'Stay at home' has just been issued, to all intent + purposes for most of us - there is NO real change 'as yet'?? Keep on keeping on + stay safe..........tomorrow will dawn........eventually!?

August update >

As Lockdown eased did open Studio through June + July, opening 10 till 1 on Saturdays...unfortunately, generally nobody came across the threshold throughout those months, not even 'to put the world right' am now back to > Opening ad hoc or by appointment!! Just ring me on 07974424374 anytime, can usually open within a very short space of time - or 'if not' can agree a mutually agreeable time + date!

December 2020 Update >

STUDIO will be OPEN > 10am till 4pm Saturdays > 5th, 12th + 19th December.

COVID precautions apply > Only 2 people or 1 famil;y group in at a time -*Please use hand sanitiser on entry!

Examples of that currently on show >>

Matt Baldwin

Beech ply stool [Sold - Dec19], + candle holder [oak base with 3D printed moveable structure within which there are night light type candle trays].

Matt is not currently featured, but hope to have small items from him by 5th December!

Walberswick - watercolour

Aurora - oil

Wood:Autumn - acrylic

Geoffrey Barker

Grandpa Joycee

Matthew Bellay

6 different subjects [more to come] in set thus far >

Grandpa Joycee

Grandad Arthur

Frank + Flynn

Frank [1No Framed print Sold Jan 20]

Florence, Poppy + daisy

Florence [1No Framed print Sold - Jan 20]

Pencil + wash series of 'Cartoon Rabbit family' created 'with names' by Matthew

Available with white mounts in glazed black frames.


Pat Bellay


Conflict 2016

seascape 9

Forest sunlight


Evening flight

horizon 21

Border Coliie - oil

Oonagh Gleeson

Dream chasers - oil

Warhorse - oil

Golden Day - oil

Ceramic pieces - serrated bowl + small dish sold Dec/Jan

Sue Newing

Heron - watercolour on card including mount

Shire + friend - pen + wash

Chris Jones

Photos complete with mounts . Various historical aircraft

Dan Newton [yewtreeframing]

Based in Brown Street, Old Newton for > all framing, glazed/unglazed, mounts etc, new/renewing etc

Work may be taken in/left/picked up at Studio/Gallery. Dan can be available by arrangement +/or can discuss/agree online or by phone.