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Am essentually a one man band [though vae had part time assistance over the years] Designer - Pat Bellay Designers Ltd [mainly architectural - closed my office April 2009 to semi-retire + work from home + to concentrate more on art] + Artist - BellayArt [mainly abstract - started.paintng in the mid/ late 60,s, stopped in 196, started agin in 2007 Base now in Needham Market, Suffolk.

*Website is a DIY attempt [via www.gbbo.co.uk/via Google Analytics/now Google G Suite] + has to be viewed as 'work in progress', even after all this time as I continue to grapple with the mechanics of forming/sorting! For that I apologise, as I still find the whole process quite baffling but I soldier on...! Still 'trying...!*Aug/Sept 20 have had to convert website from Google Classic sites to Google New sites! Problematical 'of course' but am slowly getting it sorted.......!!

The 'Designer' side of website is very minimal [want to cover 50 odd years in private practice/40 odd on own a/c - as a matter of record combined with 'Campaign for Revolution as regards the ghastly + utterly negative/useless UK Planning Control system'], initially had an odd selection of job photos as attachments but have now replaced these with collection of various jobs [1968 to present time] under 'Design Portfolio'. This will be continually expanded as + when. Concentrated firstly on the 'Artist' side under 'Gallery' - that is continually expanding + includes all paintings illustrated with No; title; media; on board or canvas info; size; price ['those sold'], + frame/no frame..

*See under BellayArt for current Studio [formerly Studio/Gallery] , The Causeway, Needham Market

Studio now, with immediate effect, closed for good, am now continuing with my own artwork only from home, whilst keeping association with all those previously featured in Studio!

* Contact.....>> Ring > Pat on 07974 424374 anytime!

Or > email me > pat@patbellay.co.uk, then there is always messaging via BellayArt on Facebook.

**Personal explanation > As a 'designer' on my own a/c I have never ever 'advertised' anywhere as never take on anything I am not prepared to put my name to. All work has come in via recommendation/seen what you do have done etc. Where people have just come across me/seen something I have done, or been recommended, whatever way, in all cases generally I always start off with both barrels first on a like it or lump it basis/take it or leave it what you see is what you get QED. OK that can come across as arrogant +/or bombastic, but that's the way it is! Not a brilliant designer, wish I were, but have always been determined to do my best + build on abilities/experience regardless of budget or circumstance. *Even then there are numerous jobs I daren't go back + look at, full control never been achieved, only part/some little to none! *As of now [2020] will only look at any'design' project if find it interesting enough to get involved, but am incresasingly reluctant to even think about tackling the planning gestapo/planni system that get/s steadily worse year by year!!

*Explanation necessary as 'design' ethos continues + website meant to promote that, not 'advertise' + to further the cause to get the UK Planning Control system drastically looked into/overhauled < after 50 years of trying I have to accept that this is never going to happen, not that this will stop me trying at any opportunity!. Whereas as an 'artist' I am indeed 'advertising' my work to hopefully sell/find patronage + to develope/progress as an artist.

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Images may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, projected or used in any way without express permission.

**Please look over website + make contact for further information/to make comment/or to express any interest

DESIGNER >> *See 'Design portfolio'

4 Crown Paddock [straight ahead/black Uno] 1987 just after completed + we moved in [now home/office + studio], the last one of thirteen houses > Sparrows Yard [terrace of 4] Burls Yard [terrace of 4] + Crown Paddock [5 detached], Crown Street, Needham Market. *Used by Velux in adverts/literature at that time but unfortunately got 'no credit' [merely headed 'Private housing Needham Market'??, yet tandem advert they alternated this with was a Marina development where the designer 'an architect' was credited!!], especially as the advert appeared in the AJ; BD;RIBA Journal, + Builder etc etc!! *See also entry of item about these houses - under 'Design portfolio'.

ARTIST >> *See 'Gallery' + 'BellayArt'







< Studio now closed for good, with immediate effect 25th February 2021

Am now workig from home solely on my own work, but still maintainng association with ex Studio supporting friends.