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[*Last update 2nd July 2019]   
One man band Designer - Pat Bellay Designers Ltd [mainly architectural - closed my office April 2009 to semi-retire + work from home + to concentrate more on art] + Artist - BellayArt [mainly abstract]. Based in Needham Market, Suffolk.
*Website is a DIY attempt [via www.gbbo.co.uk/via Google Analytics/now Google G Suite] + has to be viewed as 'work in progress', even after all this time as I continue to grapple with the mechanics of forming/sorting! For that I apologise, as I still find the whole process quite baffling but I soldier on...!
The 'Designer' side was very minimal [want to cover 50 odd years in private practice/40 odd on own a/c - as a matter of record combined with 'Campaign for Revolution as regards the ghastly + utterly negative/useless UK Planning Control system'], initially had an odd selection of job photos as attachments but have now replaced these with collection of various jobs [1968 to present time] under  'Design Portfolio'. This will be continually expanded as + when. Concentrated firstly on the 'Artist' side under 'Gallery' - that is continually expanding + includes all paintings illustrated with No; title; media; on board or canvas info; size; price ['those sold'], + frame/no frame, together with details of exhibitions that I take part in from time to time.
Personal explanation > As a 'designer' on my own a/c I have never ever 'advertised' anywhere as never take on anything I am not prepared to put my name to. All work has come in via recommendation/seen what you do have done etc. Where people have just come across me/seen something I have done, or been recommended, whatever way, in all cases generally I always start off with both barrels first on a like it or lump it basis/take it or leave it what you see is what you get QED. OK that can come across as arrogant +/or bombastic, but that's the way it is! Not a brilliant designer, wish I were, but have always been determined to do my best + build on abilities/experience regardless of budget or circumstance. *Even then there are numerous jobs I daren't go back + look at, full control never been achieved, only part/some little to none!
*Explanation necessary as 'design' ethos continues + website meant to promote that, not 'advertise' + to further the cause to get the UK Planning Control system drastically looked into/overhauled < after 50 years of trying I have to accept that this is never going to happen, not that this will stop me trying at any opportunity!. Whereas as an 'artist' I am indeed 'advertising' my work to hopefully sell/find patronage + to develope/progress as an artist.

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DESIGNER >> *See 'Design portfolio'
4 Crown Paddock [straight ahead/black Uno] 1987 just after completed + we moved in [now home/office + studio], the last one of thirteen houses > Sparrows Yard [terrace of 4] Burls Yard [terrace of 4] + Crown Paddock [5 detached], Crown Street, Needham Market. *Used by Velux in adverts/literature at that time but unfortunately got 'no credit' [merely headed 'Private housing Needham Market'??, yet tandem advert they alternated this with was a Marina development where the designer 'an architect' was credited!!], especially as the advert appeared in the AJ; BD;RIBA Journal, + Builder etc etc!! *See also entry of item about these houses - under 'Design portfolio'.

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