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Pat Bellay, ex army joined as a boy 1957 > RE Jnr/Leaders, Aldershot + Dover, through mans service Farnborough, Chatham + Longmoor into civvy street from 16 Rly Trg Regt RE in 1963.      *For interest/amusement + to break up all the text have added photo below > Not the 'King + I', but the 'Queen + me' Rochester Castle 1961 - I'm the one on the extreme right! Am sure there is no need to point out the Queen!? Was a Guard of Honour at Maundy Money ceremony whilst I was at 12 SME Chatham on a survey course.

Architects Department Essex County Council 1963-1968 during which time became bona fide RIBA external student at SEETC, Longbridge Road, Barking. Into Private practice joining the late John Leggett [one man band Architect in Ipswich] in June 1968, becoming his No2 + practice Associate as office built up to 10 in number. Promised partnership did not happen [practically down to 73 oil crisis + subsequent problems], left in 1976 to start own practice. Started in Hatton Court, Ipswich 1st May 1976, moving office to Old Town Hall, Needham Market end of 1982 [generally one man band but with part time assistants as + when required/available, including Kathy Thurman; Barbara Looser; Gerry Gillings, Adrienne Brown; Russell Harrower, + daughter Emma who worked in practice full time from February 2006 up to January 2008 before change of career to do Masters degree + become an Occupational Therapist. Closed office wef 1st April 2009 to work from home. basically semi-retired owing to running out of rope dealing with ever worsening planning gestapo PB does not bend or mellow + they/the system have/has become virtually intolerable. Will still take on work, but only with full backing against the planning system as + if necessary or where planning is not required.

Returning to Art [started again December 2007], as had a short spell at in 66/68 - the late John Campbell an architect colleague at ECC, he ran an Art Shop in Maldon, suggested Pat should have a go + he supplied the materials in the first instance - paid for out proportion/share from selling paintings. This came about after him.hearing of Pat's 'A' level Art experiences [needed for RIBA acceptance] at METC. Chelmsford [under the late Joe Pheasey]. 

Artwork, then + now, mainly abstract paintings, colour/texture light/dark orientated in oil/acrylic/mixed media - but exploring/experimenting all the time.  

Gallery set ups >                                                                                                                                                    No1 > 'pat's pop up Art Gallery', 77 High Street, Needham Market - Dec 2013 into Jan 2014.                                       No2 > 'pat's pop up Art Gallery', 119 High Street, Needham Market - July 2014 into Jan 2018.                                        No3 > 'BellayArt Studio/Gallery', The Causeway, Needham Market - Oct 2018 *just started... opened 13th Oct!! Open every Saturday 10am till 1pm plus ad hoc or by appointment. Essentially a place for me to work + for me to show my work together with 6 others plus Picture Framer.Opened every Saturday morning through to 24th November. Footfall has been dismal but am hoping people will eventually find new venue, behind the Old Town Hall [where my office was for 26years!!] albeit not directly on the High Street - can be seen from the High Street looking down The Causeway past my old Office door! + when open i have an 'A board' in front of the Old Town Hall. Time will tell, but at the moment am feeling a little down to say the least!                                          *December opening > every Saturday from 1st through to + 29th inclusive [Saturday after Christmas]. Sunday 2nd for Needham Market Christmas Fayre, Friday 14th + 21st......all 10am till 4pm.

2019 > Open all day every Saturday from 10am till 4pm. Plus ad hoc or by appointment.

Identikit picture 2010 + more flattering one [albeit against the sun] July 2011.                                                     *Will get another one up shortly.......just need it to pass my own vetting test?! 
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