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Design + Architectural services *Architectural services only with full support + backing against 'planning control' as + if necessary.

Paintings [only originals at the moment] for sale - mainly abstract > *see under 'Gallery' *134 completed to date

*Am producing 'reduced' prints of some works [See under 'Gallery'], mounted but unframed only at the moment, also looking for 'commissions' where am given colour/colours/texture/size/where to be hung with possible reference/likes to sort of works already done. 

Am into larger works now + again...up to 6'x4'!!, But not currently as have had a bit of a pay off since closing 119 High Street + need to get going again now with Studio/Gallery now open [Oct18].


**************************Commissions sought on basis of colour/s; size; location to be hung requirements, with expressed reference/s + or preference/s to past work/s.*****************************************************


Please get in touch for more info/details, or to comment.

*Even better get int touch/take up the banner or whatever to join/fight, +/or suggest how, to start a revolution against the UK 'Planning Control' system that was basically flawed from conception, but has become progressively negative + dictatorially one dimensional over the years.

During the last 10 years or so the pragmatic planning officer, of which there were always some in every authority as long a one could find, element has all but disappeared + what we have now are ill led/ill trained control freaks + those 'they' have trained to slavishly follow that same blinkered negative line, generally along the lines of > "I don't like or don't understand therefore no" which is stupendously wrong + quite bonkers!! *This applies generally, but even moreso to small projects where there is no time or money to fight - the system uses this to dictate mercilessly as is so very rarely challenged. Every single day some poor applicant somewhere in all the different authorities from one end of the country to the other is being sat upon, nine times out of ten having to play a totally unwarrented "Yes Sir/No Sir" game to get on + get an approval. 

Yet nobody wants to know, nobody will even look at, to properly do so would bring the whole damn lot down like a pack of cards - so look the other way!?? Perhaps the current so called 'Cuts' mentality could, by default, lead into this minefield in a positive way!? 

We now are in another new phase of meddling/playing with a system that has never worked properly + never will until someone has the gumption to take it apart + rebuild from scratch! Presott who made planning a million times worse than it already was, Prescott look-a-like Pickles who, with his 'localism' is going to continue the downard spiral of that which is called 'Planning'?? Planning is generally devoid of 'vision' as has been/is the case with those charged with overseeing same! Vision is an absolute must, without the dross proliferates. District Councils, in lieu of County Councils became parochial, now 'localism' is the buzz phrase, as was 'Public participation', BUT the latter pandered to the vociferous minority [majority who don't give a damn/would be perfectly happy with this or that don't write in!!]! 'Localism' will merely add 'locals' or 'Local groups' of whatever make up that will effectively be in danger of becoming/almost bound to become an authorised local mafia??? Look out....2011 + beyond does not look good....?

Having been mauled by the system through 2010 with a modernisation/extension scheme in Lavenham [Ashworth, Barn Street] trying to give an awful bland 'negotiated 80's infill box some character; some presence in the street scene, getting rid of typical 'breeding box' cats slide dormer springing from the ridge + white replacement Upvc windows - with dark brown powder coated aluminium fensteration in 'A' section/form dormers, where Babergh gestapo officer 'did not like' refused under delegated powers even though PC had OK'd the scheme + no representations from anyone else what a crap system!!!?] Reasons for refusal included "...would argue with adjacent listed building" how utterly laughable; inappropriate/alien materials etc etc, also officer said that he regretted the loss of tradional catslide dormer < clearly showing how ignorant these ill trained/ill led nobodies are. Clients needed to get on, so had to go back with a 2nd Scheme, went in with clients to see said nobody along with his 'Line Manager' [Ha!] both so grey they'd melt away into any background. Before they could say anything I produced a sketches showing what they would approve - retaining existing catslide dormer + white Upvc fenestration, repeating both in new work. re-submission was fast track approved!!! Work started immediately at the same time appeal submitted Appeal was successful, claiming for costs against LPA was not. So hollow victory - no way to revert to original design QED. Ghastly system protects itself!

2011 + have been in the mire once again with the same authority, this time at Harry Kings Boatyard, Pin Mill, Chelmondiston, Suffolk where 32 years ago I did a scheme to convert an old Maltings > Brickyard > Boatyard building into 4 residential units retaining one section for continuance of Boatyard business. Then all hell broke loose with locals/all + sundry basically not wanting any change etc etc - eventually scraped through by casting vote of planning committee chairman. This time a 2 storey rear extension scheme for one of the units created, deja vu this time Parish Council have objected, one neighbour  - member of the King family for whom the original scheme  was done for [wearing his 'no change' hat this time around'] has objected. Usual "not in keeping"/"spoils views"/"detrimental to local scene" etc + the like [much as 32 years ago]. Officer against - delegated refusal issued. Same footprint single storey scheme subsquently approved. Tandem appeal against refusal turned down. So the system that encourages mediocrity etc grinds on + on + on.....  

My Pin Mill swan song being negative rather than positive - then its a last kick in the teeth is wholely [as the planners always say but can't 'be'] consistent!?! QED

Aug 2011 > See latest on 'Bent Ridge', Brightwell under 'Design portfolio'.

From mid 2011 into 2012 > Fighting for a 'better' scheme [currently by Taylor Wimpey] for ex Unilever site [Van den Berghs], High Street, Needham Market. Was the sole objector, there are now 2 of us!? APATHY rules..!!?!! Application No 2910/11 on MSDC gestapo website! Comes up next at committee meeting on 15th February.......!?!!

February 2012 update > Last Wednesday the above scheme received the go ahead, committee vote unanimous to go along with officer recommendation to approve. I had lobbied like hell, contacted anyone that I felt might help/put their oar in or might just get others to think laterally/to think again/to see what a mess this whole thing was. Did produce a Sketch layout plan for frontage of whole site [including old Turners Garage/current Gym business] with 3D sketches + circulated same to committee members ete etc [before members site visit].....all to no avail! When I read committee papers I knew it was a done thing, + that failing some strong member taking up an opposite stance against this dreadful scheme, all was lost! To keep this short that is exactly the way it went .....they are useless, the officer/s concerned hopeless - all a very fine example of what is wrong/has always been wrong with 'planning'!  This is a disaster for Needham Market + probably the very worst decision I have ever witnessed anywhere. Another example too of a National Housebuilder playing the 'planning game' so very well, as they ALL do, desecrating the English landscape with their anonymous standard boxes regardless of where/of existing built environment - historic or otherwise - they threaten LPA's with appeal + costs etc, most LPA's just roll over + play dead...as is the case here...the JOKE that is 'planning'!! Mr Pickles please note, not that he has the faintest idea of what he is meddling with, anymore than Prescott did before him!

Is there no way to get this ghastly planning system properly looked at?!?!?!?

Above not been updated now for some time, though planning system gets worse + worse by the day. Here Mid Suffolk has always been one of the worst in the country + shows no sign of relinquishing that position!!  Will make the time + update shortly....watch this space!


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